“We recognise that having a place to go to when we flow, monthly, will make our lives different in profound ways, as well as change the lives of those living close to us, and the world at large!”

De Anna Lam

Red Tent

Red Tent Gatherings on the New Moon

Red tent is a global collective movement where women from all walks of life gather each month to connect, share life stories and embrace their “inner seasons”. A circle creates a sacred space where one can take time out from other commitments, wind down and relate to one another in a safe, non-judgemental setting.

Until I set up a red tent gathering in my local area in South East London in 2017, I wasn’t aware how healing and powerful these gatherings can be. Each circle has a unique theme, and not one feels the same, as each gathering has its own magic and vibe created by their participants. So far we have held numerous circles in various different places in South East London, in our homes, and also in public spaces like libraries or parks. In addition to exchanging life stories, each circle includes conscious movement, meditations, rituals, creative/intuitive tasks and heart-warming snacks.

Currently our Tent meets virtually once a month on a Sunday, near the New moon. Each gathering is unique and open to woman/womxn of all ages & backgrounds.

Please contact me to be added onto the mailing list to hear about dates/locations.

Mother Circle

“In the absence of a village, mothers struggle most.”

– Beth Berry

What I most longed for during my postpartum “baby blues” phase as a new mum living in a foreign country was the presence of other wise women that I could share the process with. The seeds of Mother Circles were planted then; I wanted to create a tribe for those who were navigating pregnancy and early motherhood alone so they felt understood and supported.

Mama Wisdom Mother circles are open to pregnant people or new mums who want to reflect on their experiences, joys and challenges in a friendly, nurturing setting. Each circle provides an opportunity to connect with one another and also tune into our inner wisdom to become conscious parents.

The journey of motherhood isn’t just physical, it is also emotional and spiritual. These gatherings provide each participant the space to reflect on their experience and transformation, but also help them build a community of likeminded friends. Sessions include art journaling, birth art, breathwork, meditations, visualizations, gentle yoga and movement. Babies in arms and pregnant mothers also welcome.

The mother circles take place weekly at my home studio in SE9- Eltham.

Please contact for details.