“A Doula enters the space of a labouring woman and is highly responsive and aware of her needs, moods, changes and unspoken feelings.”

Christiane Northrup

What Is A Doula?

Giving birth is one of the most transformative moments of your life, one that you will remember forever. The most valuable thing a doula offers is continuity of care, which can dramatically improve your pregnancy and birth experience, your recovery, and your ability adjust to your new life with a baby.

A doula is a non-medical birth companion who provides emotional, physical, informative support. I am fully aware that each and every birth is unique. As your doula, my support will always be tailored to your individual circumstances and needs. Our work together will guide you in your choices at every stage of your journey, whether you birth at home, in hospital or a birth centre.

Having a doula improves birth outcomes

Research has shown that having a doula present at a birth results in:

•25% decrease in the length of labour

•50% fewer Caesarean sections

•40% decrease in use of forceps

•40% decrease in use of pitocin/syntocinon (synthetic oxytocin)

•60% decrease in use of epidurals

•30% decrease in use of pain medication

Source: Mothering the Mother by Klaus, M. H., Kennell, J. H., & Klaus, P. H. (1993)

Birth Doula services

During our prenatal meetings, I will help you decide on your options for the birth you desire, and make sure you are accurately informed. These meetings will also help me get to know you and your family so I can tailor my offerings to your needs. As a qualified prenatal yoga teacher, I will be happy to provide you with a toolkit of yoga and relaxation techniques in preparation for the birth.

During the birth, my role will be protecting your “birthing space” physically, spiritually and emotionally, so you can fully focus on the birth. My presence may be invisible or visible depending on your preferences: I may be quietly standing by your side, offering you words of encouragement, reminding you to breathe or silently witnessing. If there is a need, I can make myself visible by advocating for your rights or reinforcing your birth preferences. A doula isn’t a replacement of your birth partner but my support will also be available for them (if there’s one), so they can continue to support you the best possible way.

My birth support package includes:

• Free introductory phone chat

Two home visits before the birth, with your partner (if applicable).

• Two online meetings (via Whatsapp or Zoom) covering relaxation or breathing techniques, yoga poses, birth visualisations, creating a postpartum ‘sanctuary plan’ (and any other topics you like to address).

Unlimited e-mail and text support.

• 24/7 on call from weeks 38-42.

Birth attendance (however long it takes).

• One postnatal visit

Free access to useful resources and websites to refer to during your pregnancy.


The regular birth package is a total of £950. (Payment plans available. £150 deposit is payable upon agreement. Reduced fees for single parent/ low income families available, please get in touch if this applies to you.)

I offer payment plans and gift vouchers so family, friends and colleagues can contribute to your birth/ postpartum care. Contact me for more details.

Postpartum Doula Services

The postpartum period (the ‘fourth trimester’), is a fragile and tender time. It is also believed to be a sacred time, a period of self-care and rest which is essential for your physical and emotional wellbeing. My postpartum doula offerings are all about nurturing you and making sure that you navigate the ‘fourth trimester’ as smoothly as possible. Each family is different, so what I offer will be led by your unique needs.

As a postpartum doula, I offer an active listening ear and practical help, whether it’s helping with baby care, teaching you babywearing techniques, offering you nourishing food or supporting you with infant feeding.

I am passionate about nourishing the new mothers with special wellness practices and rituals that honour their entry into motherhood. Womb blessing practices and postpartum massage (“Closing the bones”) ceremonies, special mother relaxation exercises all aim to help the new mothers rest, bond with baby and feel nourished.

It is an honour to witness your transformation as a new parent. I will be there to listen, hold space for your changing emotions, anxieties and joys. Whatever form it takes, you will be lovingly held in a safe, compassionate space.


My hourly postnatal rate is £25 per hour, with a minimum of 10 hours (4 x 2.5 hour sessions). 

I also offer intensive packages of 20, 30, 40 hours usually arranged within the first six weeks of baby’s birth but can be extended upon agreement. The hourly rate for the intensive packages are £23 per hour (each session lasting 3-4 hours).

I offer payment plans and gift vouchers so family, friends and colleagues can contribute to your birth/ postpartum care. Contact me for more details.

Fertility support

As someone who has experienced pregnancy loss and fertility treatments, I am deeply familiar with the anxiety and disappointment one experiences on the road to achieving pregnancy. Whether you are trying to conceive for the first time or recovering from a loss, my role will include giving you continuous emotional support during all phases of your journey.

My offerings are always led by your personal choices and needs, but will often include information sharing, dietary/lifestyle suggestions, meditation techniques, specific womb healing sessions and accompaniment to hospital visits and procedures, if desired. As a fertility yoga teacher, I also offer holistic tools that can both physically and emotionally support you, helping you de-stress and balance emotions.

Contact me for an initial chat to find out how I can best support you.